Chocolate Baby Cakes

Makes 20-22 baby cakes. Appropriate for “attack” phase.

1 egg

1 -2 tbsp fat free yogurt

6 tbsp oat bran

1 tsp aluminum-free baking powder

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 tbsp non-fat, sugar free cocoa powder

Chocolate extract (not required)

Pinch of salt

Stevia to the taste, about 2 tsp.

Non-stick spray

Turn on baby cake machine.

Process oat bran and cocoa powder into flour. Add salt, stevia, baking powder, mix well.

Add egg and yogurt to the consistency of a very thick liquid (regulate the thickness by the amount of yogurt, it should not drip from the spoon.)

Add flavoring, and adjust the sweetness.

Spray baking surface with non-stick spray, and bake per machine’s manual. When cooled, sprinkle with dry non-fat milk if desired.


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